Provisioning, and Migration
Managed Microsoft 365 Cloud

Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 cloud services for businesses offering hosted Exchange email service, as well as SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and much more.

Managed Microsoft 365 services offer several benefits, including reduced IT management burdens, enhanced security and compliance, access to expertise, and cost savings.

Ideal use for resources in the current environment and maximise the business potential to use software as service – SaaS

Managed 365 cloud services offer peace of mind that our professional team will look after installation & configuration. Advanced security management and maintenance of the M365 account are crucial for its operations.

A private cloud offers full control of your environment; all services are dedicated to your use and not shared by anyone else. The infrastructure can be hosted on-site or co-located in a data centre. The model gives significant levels of control and security and allows a customisable environment for computing, storage and networking according to the business requirements.

Hybrid cloud technology entails that some application servers are operational on-premises, and others can be in the cloud environment. Microsoft Server supports this function straight out of the box and can be helpful in different scenarios.

Benefits of Managed Microsoft 365 Services

There are options to choose the level of managed Office 365 Services that align with your specific needs, whether it’s essential support, comprehensive management, or specialised security and compliance services.

We are a Microsoft Partner to provide Microsoft 365 cloud services. We help from order processing, to the email domain migration, and with the server-side setup. It includes setting up a domain with Microsoft 365, creating users in the M365 cloud to the configuration of Outlook on client PCs, and migrating existing email data. 24/7 maintenance of M365 cloud services for your peace of mind. Click here for more details

Microsoft 365 business account requires signing up on the website and choosing the package needed for the number of users. In most cases, it will be a monthly subscription for at least a year contract. Click here to check the details.

Depending on the size of an organisation and current email system, multiple methods can be used for the migration of an existing messaging infrastructure of a business to the cloud 365. We have a team of experts that can help, please click to contact us.

Securing business data in Microsoft 365 Cloud

Some of the security features listed below that can be used to secure Microsoft 365 services as well as the whole IT operations to advance cyber security standards.

Use of Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two factor authentication (2FA) – Using mobile phone to verify the identity along side account password is a important first step in securing the IT services.

Protection of Admin accounts

Regular user accounts shouldn’t be given any admin privileges, admin accounts should be separate and only used for the defined administrative tasks and protected by MFA – Multi-factor Authentication.

Need to know access privileges

A need-to-know access control principle can be established to provide access to any resources in the organisation, ensuring that only authorised users can access a particular IT resource or company data to undertake the task.

Optimise Email Security

Use antispam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection for message hygiene; advanced policy settings for anti-phishing, spoofing, impersonation, safe links, and safe email attachments should be enabled and regularly optimised for better security.

Device protection

A crucial part of the security strategy is to protect every device that connects to the organisation’s Microsoft 365 system. Manage devices through features such as Autopilot, mobile threat defence, Microsoft 365 Defender, or any equivalent Endpoint protection system.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of Microsoft 365 accounts are crucial, staying at the top of tasks such as security optimisation, user onboarding and offboarding, checking security threat vulnerability management system.