Managed Business Communication Services

The primary goal of managed business communications is to help streamline and optimise a company’s communication processes while reducing the burden on in-house staff. This can include various communication tools and technologies, such as Voice-over IP (VoIP) phone systems, broadband connections, internet connectivity, mobile phones, and more.

Cloud VoIP Phone System

Offering to set up and maintain cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems (internet phones); your cloud PBX for voice calls, including features like call routing, voicemail, and conferencing.

Business Mobile Phone Services

We offer Business mobile phone services to meet your communication requirements, providing features and flexibility beyond standard consumer mobile plans.

Microsoft Teams Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams Phone System is a part of M365 that enables organisations to make and receive calls to and from outside the Teams environment through laptops or mobile phones.

Business Broadband and Internet Connectivity

We provide managed business broadband and internet connectivity services with competitive and transparent pricing through various packages to suit different budgets and usage needs. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. A consistent and reliable internet connection with virtually no downtime is the key feature of the service. The broadband connection is supplied with business-class modems and routers or supports customer-owned equipment to ensure reliable connectivity.

Customers should be able to rely on their internet service for work, communication, and entertainment without frequent disruptions. You would have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the service plans without excessive fees or contract constraints.

Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams Phone System is a feature-rich cloud-based telephony system that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and allowing organisations to make, receive, and manage phone calls within the Teams interface. It supports various calling features, including inbound and outbound calls, call transfer, forwarding, call hold, delegation, and simultaneous ring.

Microsoft Teams Phone System integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive, making scheduling and managing calls and meetings easy.

Data Centre Setup and Network Cabling

Building and structure

The building’s location and structural and physical condition are essential for successfully set up of a data centre because the IT Infrastructure of the business benefits from it. Additionally, all entrances MUST have good physical security alongside cyber security.

Fibre Optic & Cat6 Cabling

Network cabling for small server rooms, to office buildings, and up to large network data centres. Fibre Optic connections and termination or RJ45 Cabling; setup of a state of the art IT infrastructure to the latest technical specifications. 

Efficiency and cost control

TechShire aims to deliver a cost-effective strategy to set up and maintain a data centre with energy efficiency in mind. Scaleability considerations ensure future growth occurs with minimal disruption and cost.