With a team of highly professional staff

Managed IT Support

Our help to the customer starts with analysing their requirement and suggesting the appropriate solution, whether it involves selecting the suitable systems hardware, software or any cloud-based required service. Installation and configuration of that hardware or service to support it from the operating system to the apps used for the business operations.

Microsoft Server Solutions

Microsoft Server

Widely used, and flexible Microsoft Server Operating System Platform, Configurable for any role from AD domain control to Hyber-V host or guest application server.

Sharepoint Server

Microsoft Sharepoint Server help in working together on Projects, Organising Teams, Monitoring Tasks, Easy to use product for organisations in a fast moving environment.

SQL Server

One of the top ranking database system with a primary function to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, integrated data management system.

IT Helpdesk Services

IT Helpdesk and remote support are an integral part of our Managed IT Support contract. However, IT Helpdesk services are also available as one off solution to non-contract customers. The organisations in the Derby, Burton upon Trent, Nottingham, East Midlands, and beyond can make use of our top quality IT Helpdesk Services. We use industry’s best practice & GDPR regulations to undertake tasks. We are just a phone call away, and aim to provide solutions which work best in the customer’s interest to keep the IT systems work for you.

Business Continuity
Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

An effective Disaster Recovery plan allows an organisation to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following an IT disaster. This could be in the form of data corruption, Malware, viruses, hardware failure of your hard disks or even the theft of your servers.

Having a Business Continuity and Disaster recovery plan in place helps quick recovery in all these cases. We follow the framework recommended by NCSC and adopt the best practices given to the industry.

Having a robust, industry standard backup routine for your business data is the key to an effective disaster recovery and business continutiy strategy.

An important aspect of any DR Plan is to keep spare (critical) hardware components on-site to reduce to a minimum down-time caused by its failure.

Most businesses rely on supply cain, which could be a custom software for their line of business; such third party vendors should be made fully aware of the DR plan and its requirements.

Mission-critical appliances should be backed-up by more than one power source, such as a Generator and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Cyber Security, Endpoint and Network Security plays an essential part in business continuity with a deployment of an effective Anti-Virus/Malware on PC’s and Servers along with a robust Firewall.

Physical security of the Data centers, and hardware equipment is equally crucial. Evaluation and risk assessment and prevention from fire, flood and theft to ensure the safety which leads business continuity.