Cyber Security Audits

The first step to a secure network is to discover existing vulnerabilities and find the best solutions for dealing with them.
TechShire’s Security Audit Framework is designed with this in mind

We offer a consultancy services for a detailed cyber review of the organisations and their IT infrastructure. The focus is on
identifying any vulnerabilities, threats and risks the organisation may face

Elevate your network security

  • Network penetration test from outside the network
  • Vulnerability Scan: host based, wifi and other network devices
  • Cyber Security Audits, including databases and applications
  • Risk & threat assessment and management
  • Based on Common Vulnerability Scoring System – CVSS
  • Policy and information security management
  • Recommendations based on government Cyber Security standards

Cyber Security Audit - Key Areas:

UK Government introduced the following two certifications
for cyber security compliance

Cyber Essentials

To protect organisations or businesses from cyber attack. Specifications are set out by The National Cyber Security Centre at GCHQ.

Cyber Essentials Plus

On top of the specifications included in Cyber Essentials a more robust approach to combat cyber threats.

Why do I need this certification?

Customer Satisfaction

Customers will feel confident that you take cyber security seriously and their data held with you will stay safe to a certified standards.

Increase business opportunities

Government departments, councils and many large organisations trust Cyber Essentials certified companies to do business with.

Maximum Protection

Having a certified secure network infrastructure to government standards will boost confidence to operate your business.

Avoid being a victim

Adopt the security framework to minimize the risk of hacking. Carefully analyzed data indicates that more than 60% of SME’s suffer a data breach.

Reduce Insurance Cost

Cost of business liability insurance should reduce with the certification as customer’s data held on company servers is safe.

Step towards GDRP Compliance

Although GDPR compliance requires more than just certification, optimised data security for a business is a very important step in final compliance.

Network Penetration Test, and Cyber Security Audits will help in finding the vulnerabilities on system which can be exploited by a hacker. It determines any weaknesses on the inside of the network as well to help avoid becoming a victim of a scam or spoof email or any users inadvertently inviting Trojan/malware downloads by visiting an insecure or compromised websites.

Increased Cyber Security is a key to establish a secure business environment; it requires to follow a comprehensive framework designed by the IT industry to secure all Endpoints, that includes, Gateway firewall, Secure internet access, Email message hygiene, and securing wifi access points.