Cybersecurity assessment & audits

A through cybersecurity assessment is required to secure an IT infrastructure of an organisation. Review its current state and security policy against the Common Vulnerability Scoring System. Running vulnerabilities scan on the network will detect weaknesses which could become
a potential threat to company data in the future.

A penetration test or scan from outside the network will help in discovering any weakness connecting to the network from outside,
hence help in reducing the chance of cyber attacks.

Email Security


Since many of us are suffering with phishing and scam emails so proper setup and use of these DNS record for email domain is a must.

Antispam & Antivirus

Internet gateway and local antivirus for pc or laptop and antispam for email user provide’s sense of security to users.

User Awareness

Users should constantly be made aware of new threats and be advised to avoid becoming a victim of phishing or scam email.

Domain Security

Domain policy

Implementing strict domain security policy is key to have a secure server based network environment

Endpoint protection

Comprehensive approach requires to create a solid defence against threats to data and network.

SSL-TLS Access

Use of SSL/TLS certificates on every remote connection makes the communication encrypted