Microsoft Server platform

Server Essentials

Most suitable for small businesses for up to 25 users, control domain security and folder permissions through Windows AD.

Server Standard

Widely used, flexible to use in any available Server role, from AD domain control to Hyber-V host or guest application server.

Server Enterprise

This edition of Microsoft server family is mainly used in large data centres to host multiple applications.

Exchange Server

Business class messaging platform from Microsoft, Use Emails, calendars, contacts and much more.

Sharepoint Server

Massive help in working together on Projects, Organising Teams, Monitoring Tasks, Easy to use product for organisations.

SQL Server

Its a database system with a primary function to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications.

Linux Operating System

Linux is one of the major networking operating systems widely used in Cloud Hosting Platforms, Members of our support
team are professionals in the installation, mnagement and troubleshooting of Linux machines.