IT Helpdesk Services

IT Helpdesk and remote IT Services are an integral part of our Managed IT Support contract, but these services are also available for non-contract customers on an Ad-hoc basis. Organisations and businesses in the Derby, Burton upon Trent, Nottingham, East Midlands, and beyond can make use of our top quality IT Helpdesk Services. We use industry's best practice & GDPR compliance regulations to undertake the task. Remember we are just a phone call away, and we aim to provide solutions which work best in the customer's interest to keep your IT systems work for you.

Outsource IT Helpdesk for the support on Windows Server range, Windows desktop computers, printers, Internet router, gateway firewalls, and other network devices you may have on the organisation's IT infrastructure. We take your data security very seriously, and use a secure remote connection software for the remote support connection. Our remote IT support provide office 365 set up and migration services, as well as its ongoing maintenance.

1st line IT Support

Staff at TechShire look forward to taking your call to resolve any IT issues you may have.

Outsource IT

Talk to one of our team members about the benefits that outsource IT Helpdesk services can offer.

Remote Support

Remote IT Support through TechShire’s secure connection offers quick solutions to IT issues.

Quick IT Help

You are just a phone call away from us in resolving any IT problem that are stopping you from working.

Unlimited ICT

Helpdesk representatives are fully equipped to help with an IT problem for as long it takes.

Experinced IT Staff

We have a wide range of qualified and experienced staff to provide best possible IT solutions.