Desktop Systems

Broad scope for the customer support of Desktop systems on Windows platform and a wide range of desktop applications
such as Microsoft office, Antivirus software and other business applications. We provide onsite computer networking services as well as remote desktop PC support for users over the telephone through our IT helpdesk solutions. PC repairs carried out on top priority for IT outsourced contract customer to keep the business computers up and running within no time.

IT outsourced contract services are offered directly to east midlands area, such as PC repairs in Derby, Nottingham, Burton upon Trent, Ilkeston and surrounding areas. 

PC Repairs & Desktop Support Services

Our staff is trained for PC repairs and to fix issues with an organization’s desktop computers, laptops, network connections and ensuring that custom industry software used by the users are properly functioning, and making sure that the drivers related to printing and scanning are working fine. 

Day to day use of a system could cause problems with the  hardware, we use specific software to identify and fix the problems.

Different versions of Microsoft Windows are widely used in any business. Daily use of desktops could cause certain issues related to its operations.

Huge scope of Windows desktop system are to work as a client of a server in an organisation, staff is fully equiped resolving the issues related to this.

Application software such as Outlook, Excel and Word are used by almost every business, update patch and compatibility suits are available for its successful running.

Using a desktop pc w/o antivirus is not good, varity of antivirus and firewall softwares are used to protect computer and ensure the data security.

Our staff is trained to troubleshoot as almost every organisation use a custom business software of some type or an accouting, payroll or stock control etc.

Different devices can be attached to the pc such as printers or scanners, compatible drivers are always required and have to maintain for optimsed perfomance.

Install & Maintain

Desktop systems

Computer Hardware Support

Right from selecting the right hardware to the installation and maintenance of computer we stay part of the process with the users through the experience.

Desktop Software Support

Comprehensive customer support through our experienced staff is available for the users of any Microsoft supported version of Windows desktop operating system.

PC repairs