Connect Brach offices and remote workers

Wide Area Network

  • Extending Networks to two or more sites
  • Direct fibre connection to satellite office or warehouse
  • 10 to 100 mbps to Gigabit network speed
  • Point to point or point to multipoint connectivity
  • Secure redundant or failover connections
  • Low latency wide area connectivity

Virtual Private Network - VPN

  • Secure LAN to LAN IPSec Virtual Network
  • Use of MPLS technology for optimised connection
  • Reliable, scaleable and secure VPNs
  • Ethernet VPN can be setup where possible

Direct Internet Access - Wired or Wireless

We provide a managed wired or wireless internet service to large public or commercial buildings, public parks and hotels etc. Delivery of the service with the use of latest secure networking hardware and software technologies ensuring a reliable, scaleable and secure access to the public.