IT Infrastructure Components

Advice & Design

Other than few basic similarities almost all companies have a bespoke IT requirement which dictates what the hardware and software requirements will be. TechShire is fully versed in all available technologies enabling us to design an IT infrastructure which should last for years.


Business IT setup and its requirements could vary from simple networks & computers to Cloud Infrastructures, Call Centres, Data Centres or even a clustered Virtual Environment. Rest assured that TechShire engineers have extensive experience in all of these fields.


The experienced team at TechShire is fully geared up to help and manage different types of IT infrastructures by remote monitoring and maintaining your IT environment. This enables us to identify and resolve issues often before you are even aware that they exist.

What can we offer?

Having experience in the field of IT for more than 20 years TechShire can help setting up and maintaining IT infrastructures of any type from small to medium and large organisations, fully Cloud based data centres with no single point of failure to SaaS environments and scaleable Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).