Data Centre Setup and Infrastructure

Covering all aspects of design and Management

Building and structure

The location, structural and physical condition of the building is vitally important for the successful setup of your data centre. Additionally, all entrances MUST have good physical security.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management - DCIM

Provides a framework with management methods for all the components in your data centre such as servers, racks, SAN, network routers, switches, firewalls and cabling infrastructure, software and tools with which to check data activity and bottlenecks.

Risk Assessment

Alternate or redundant electricity source with generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS) for the equipment used in data centre, security, internet connection redundancy, fireproof floors, doors and walls with the installation of a fire suppression system.

Monitoring & Surveillance

We offer a comprehensive package for data centre hardware & software monitoring and surveillance, this covers all aspects of data and physical security of the building along with entry and exit points.

Fibre Optic & Cat6 Cabling

Our installers are professional engineers that take pride in the quality of their work. They will always try to minimize disruption to your working environment wherever possible, working out-of-hours if necessary. Our policy is to make your new network infrastructure as secure as possible.

Efficient and cost control

TechShire aims to deliver an effective, cost controlled strategy to setup and maintain your data centre with energy efficiency in mind. Scaleablity considerations are key to ensuring future growth occurs with a minimum of disruption and cost.