Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365

One of the most popular and effective cloud services for businesses offering Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Desktop Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much more.

Amazon AWS

Large scale use of Amazon's AWS cloud services in the Enterprise Sector with hosted environments for Virtual Servers in The Cloud, widely accessible secure Databases and much more.

Microsoft's Azure

Interactive Cloud Platform

  • Secure and flexible cloud computing
  • From Windows server to database server and custom services

Make Azure Hybrid

  • Our team help to migrate servers on Azure Cloud
  • And keep some applications on premises to benefit hybrid technology

What is Hybrid Cloud

Office 365 business account is easy to setup, this required to signup on the website and choose the package needed for the number of users, in most cases, it will be a monthly subscription for at least one year contract. Click here to check the details


The premium package of office 365 business includes Microsoft office desktop app for Windows and Mac devices, as well as Exchange email services with SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and much more, click for the more details.

Outlook desktop app  only requires an email account and password to configure  an email address, autoconfig option will complete rest of the setup with the help of autodiscover service. Click for more details.

Depending on the size of an organisation and current email system, multiple methods can be used for the migration of an existing messaging infrastructure of a business to the cloud 365. We have a team of experts that can help, please click to contact.